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Carolina Spielmann is a German-Argentinean artist and illustrator living between Paris and London. After graduating from the prestigious Parsons School of Design, she has exhibited her artwork in galleries and fairs around the world, has published several illustration books and collaborated with editorial companies as well as advertising agencies (Florence Biennale of Contemporary Art, M6, Lowe, Rosa Park). She has developed artist projects with renown brands (ClubMed, Campari, Heineken, Habitat, Converse) and is currently a post-graduate student at Central Saint Martins in London while pursuing her career in the creative industries and the art world.


WALL PAINTINGS: Rosa Park Adverstising Agency.

ILLUSTRATIONS FOR: M6 Editions, LeJoker, Mullen Lowe Advertising, Paris Premiere, Téva Lab, Editorial Planeta, Au vent des Iles Editions, LeCool Mag, Mixte Mag.


ARTISTIC PRODUCTION FOR PROMOTIONAL EVENTS WITH: Fnac, Peugeot, Microsoft, Rotary Club, Hotel Pavillon de Paris, Espace Culture Bière-Heineken, Bruxelles Fashion Fair, Campari, Club Med Villas and Habitat.


EXHIBITIONS: Florence Biennale of Contemporary Art, Toast Gallery, Selam Art Gallery, Galeria 5006, Centro Cultural Recoleta and Galerie Pavé d’Orsay among others.


PRIVATE COLLECTIONS IN: France, Belgium, United States, Argentina, Colombia and Spain.



2016 SeziemeArt - Groupe Show Paris 16eme

2015 Salon des Peintres du 16eme - Mairie du 16eme, Paris.

2014 Galerie Pavé d'Orsay- Bloom Exhibition.

2013 Private collections in Spain and France.

2012 Private collections in Argentina, Belgium and France.

2011 Published artwork illustration with LECOOL magazine, Paris

2010 "48 Barrios", Group show, Centro Cultural Recoleta, Buenos Aires, Argentina

2009 Group Show, Gallery Aromda, 75017, Paris

2009 Stage Design "L'éclat d'une araignée au plafond" de Manon Savary, Théâtre de la Jonquière, Paris.

2008 Live performance "Villas Ile Maurice" for ClubMed France, Champs-Elysées, Paris, France

2008 "An artist a country/ Un artiste un pays" Toast Gallery. 

2007 Decemeber "What is wrong with me?" Florence Biennale of Contemporary Art, Florence, Italy.

2006 June "In the mood for AMOR", Habitat Pont Neuf,  Paris.

2006 April "Absolu", 7 rue pont Louis Philippe, 75004 Paris.

2005 July "Visteme de tu luz" Bruxelles Fashion Fair, solo show, Belgium.

2005 June "They call it Royal with Cheese" solo show, Espace Culture Biere-Heineken, 65 Av. Champs Elysees, Paris.

2005 May Bruxelles, groupe show, Toast Gallery, Bruxelles, rue Stassart 46, Belgium.

2005 Mars-Avril "2:37 AM" solo exhibition, Selam Art Gallery, 203 rue Saint martin 75003 Paris, France.

2005 Feb-March "50 years of Fnac", group show, Fnac St. Lazare, Paris, France.

2004 December Toast in the City, Peugeot Hall, Paris.

2004 November "Meat or fish?" solo exhibition at the Toast Gallery, Paris, France.

2004 October Toast in the City, Microsoft Hall, Paris, France.

2004 Galerie Olivier Creations, Papeete, Tahiti.

2004 April, "Les artistes ont du coeur" Rotary Club, Mairie de Papeete, Tahiti, Polynesie Française.2004 March, "Club Agora" with the Toast Gallery

2004 Febuary, "Campari Red Art", Toast Gallery, 3 rue de l'estrapade 75005 Paris

2003 Galeria 5006, Design Suites, Marcelo T de Alvear 1683 Buenos Aires, Argentina

2003 Galerie Tsenka art & design, "Petits Objets", 16 rue du Perche 75003 Paris.

2003 Sept-Nov - Microsoft Business Solutions Hall France, 18 Av Quebec ZA Courtaboeuf, Paris, with the Toast Gallery.

2003 Group Exhibition. "OBsessive Behavior". Galerie Eof, 15 rue Saint Fiacre 75002 Paris 

2003 Group Exhibition, "Voyage en Art". Pavillon de Paris, 7 rue de Parme 75009 Paris, France with the Toast Gallery.

2003 Solo Exhibition, "Extracciones". Parsons Paris art gallery. 14 rue Letellier 75015 Paris. France

2003 Toast Gallery, 3 rue de L'Estrapade 75005, Paris,

2002 Avant Garde Exhibition. Parsons Paris art gallery. 14 rue Letellier 75015 Paris. France

2002 "Give me something to live for" exhibition. Parsons Paris art gallery. 14 rue Letellier 75015 Paris. France

Carolina Spielmann

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